The DEQST brand began to develop actively quite unexpectedly for the Russian market of auto spare parts,. Alishir Helel, the general manager of the company “See Parts Technology”, the exclusive distributor of DEQST in Russia, agreed to tell about it.

For most of Russians, the name DEQST still does not say anything. What kind of firm is this?

This private company is 20 years old and its roots go to Germany. The head office is in Berlin, but there is already a representative office in Moscow.The sphere of activity is production and supply of spare parts for cars and trucks. DEQST positions itself as a brand of high quality products with an acceptable price. Earlier the company started with the release of shock absorbers, but then due to the rapid growth and expansion of partnerships it managed to significantly expand the range of products. There exist more than 6 thousand items today in its nomenclature, and about 2 thousand of the most popular positions are planned to be delivered to Russia.

What details and for what machines are we talking about?

First of all, these are spare parts that can be replaced with the planned maintenance: oil, fuel, air and cabin filters, various types of brake pads, including ceramic, brake discs, suspension parts, steering system, gas-filled and gas-oil shock absorbers. Perhaps, it’s impossible to enumerate all.As for cars, the brand DEQST produces spare parts for such brands as Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Volkswagen, Volvo, Daewoo. In addition, our products are used in the repair and maintenance of trucks and other commercial vehicles of the so-called Big Seven: Volvo, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, Renault, Iveco, DAF. Finally, the development of spare parts for cars of Russian brands has already begun.

Based on customer feedback, they are satisfied with the products from DEQST …

The company’s strategy is that the achievements should be conditioned by a highly mechanized production base, high-quality materials and raw materials. In the process of manufacturing of products under the brand DEQST we use all the latest achievements in the field of production of spare parts for cars, and our factories are equipped with the most modern automated equipment, which excludes the appearance of defective products. In addition, we believe that the highly qualified personnel is one of the main components of success. Therefore, only the best specialists are hired.

Where are the brand factories located?

In Turkey and China. This provides a competitive price for all products. For example, pads with low metal content, high coefficient of friction (close to 0.4), low erasability of the disk and a large resource DEQST offers at the cost of budget semi-metallic pads of other manufacturers. If we talk about the volume of production,  the same pads for passenger cars may be produced up to 300 million a year by one factory.

But after all produce-this is only a half of the battle. Much more needs to be done to enter a particular market.

You are right, and another our task is the certification of products in Russia. Pads for cars, fuel, oil, salon and air filters have already been certified. The certificate of compliance of the Eurasian Economic Union with shock absorbers, brake discs is in the process of obtaining. In a whole, it is planned to certify about ten product categories.In general, the brand was initially focused on the production of products with the quality of parts, analogous to OEM products or superior to it. All samples undergo obligatory quality control at the factory, where every detail is controlled at every stage of the production process. For example, the brake pads are tested using the SAE-J661 technique. At the same time, they constantly show results that significantly exceed the requirements of Russian legislation.

Do you consider that participation in various exhibitions is an effective method for promotion in the market?

Of course! DEQST takes part in all significant events of the automotive industry. In particular, I can mention the 3rd Machine-Building Cluster Forum “Digital Production and the Future of Industry”, which took place in Naberezhnye Chelny.Thanks to it, we are now aware of many prospective technologies. In addition, we were able to make acquaintance with the heads of various enterprises, to find customers and reliable suppliers of various products and services.Another important event for our business was the international exhibition of spare parts, technologies and equipment for the car service “Automechanika Moscow 2017” – there you can find everything that is somehow connected with the car. By the way, at this exposition we felt a very big interest to the DEQST brand, not only from potential buyers, but also from competitors. All this confirms that we are going the right direction and we need to continue our active development.

How do you see this development?

The company “See Parts Technology” represents the DEQST brand not only in Russia, but also in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Now we offer to become our dealers, primarily in large cities. From our side, we offer favorable terms of cooperation, attractive bonuses, timely shipment of products from our warehouse in Tomilino and postponement of payments. In general, in 2018 we plan to sell spare parts for 10 million dollars and I am sure that we will achieve our goals.