The certified quality of the DEQST brand

Колодки DEQSTBrake pads of the DEQST brand – is the result of diligent work of German engineers. These are details of European quality for a wide range of cars at reasonable prices. The DEQST pads pass strict quality control at all stages of the production process. That’s why they are bought for the conveyor belt of such brands like General motors and Ford.

The DEQST pads have demonstrated their advantages in numerous tests, which resulted in the friction coefficient FF, and this is the optimal indicator for driving cars on public roads. Evaluation of the coefficient of friction of DEQST brake pads is FF according to SAE J661 standard that shows a stably high coefficient of friction both at the beginning of the movement and in the course of reaching extremely high temperatures, at which the shoe keeps its ability to effectively stop the car. The graph of the braking efficiency at the brake pad temperatures from 93 to 344 degrees shows the following. The friction coefficient from the mark above 0.3 to 0.4 at temperatures of 93-149 and 316-343 degrees, and from 0.4 to almost 0.5 at the temperatures from 149 to 316, at the peak the coefficient reaches 0.471-0.472 in the temperature range of 205-232 degrees.

The data of factory tests are confirmed during the certification of products according to the EAC standard, where similar results are shown. EAC is a sign indicating that the products marked by it have passed all the procedures for valuation established in the technical regulations of the Customs Union (which includes the Russian Federation).

We attach the special importance to the environmental friendliness of our products. The composition of the material of the DEQST friction lining does not contain copper and other heavy metals, which reduces the harmful impact on the environment due to the reduction in the level of emissions of harmful substances during braking.

The low-metal composition of the DEQST pads  is selected in such way that, the wear of the brake discs and the noise are reducing during braking, while maintaining the braking efficiency over a wide temperature range. The design of the friction lining allows you to avoid squeaking when driving different speed and provides an effective heat dissipation.

The volume of production of the brake pads at the factory reaches 300 million units per year, which can significantly reduce the price, placing it at the level of conventional semimetallic pads with characteristics that are certainly lower than our products. DEQST offers the premium quality parts for cars and trucks in combination with an affordable price.