Стойки стабилизатора DEQST

DEQST stabilizer links. DEQST offers a wide range of car spare parts, including stabilizer links.

The stabilizer of lateral stability is necessary for traffic safety. It is a metal beam with curved ends, which is attached on the body of the car to the wheels through the sleeves. Its main function is to stabilize the car while driving, preventing it from overturning, helping to turn as fast as possible.

What happens while turning? Car body leans to the side, the outer wheels, in relation to the turn, try to slip out, and the inner ones, while rising, lose grip on the road. The angle of heel in this case will depend on the centrifugal force, as well as on how the suspension is designed, and how resilient it is. If the load between the left and right suspension elements is distributed equally, the angle of inclination will decrease. Stabilizer transmits the power from one link to another.

The stabilizer design is relatively simple, it consists of resilient bracket and two rods, called link. Earlier the body was stabilized by rods and sleeves; conditionally they also can be called links. Nowadays, technology is becoming more advanced, the suspension is modified. Many manufacturers not only improve the suspension, but also make it easier to maintain. Thus, DEQST stabilizer links are installed on many cars.

Stabilizer links are divided into front and rear. They can be symmetrical, so then they can be rearranged from left to right. But most cars use asymmetrical links. Another issue is the quality of these elements. The strength limit of the DEQST links exceeds the requirements of car manufacturers due to the production of high-quality steel and strict production control.

Stabilizer links are attached directly to the stabilizer and to the shock absorber, steering knuckle or hub. They connect other parts of the suspension that absorb shocks from pits or bumps on the road. Therefore, the rods or links of the DEQST stabilizer are only of high quality to guarantee the safety and comfort of the driver.

Replacing the faulty stabilizer link in the car with a new one DEQST has a direct and easily perceptible effect on driving quality by reducing vibration and rolls while turning.