Шаровые опоры DEQST

DEQST BALL JOINTS. Among other products DEQST also offers ball joints. This auto part is not familiar to everybody, so just a few people realize its important role. Suspension is a household name, while ball joint is its integral part. In modern vehicles, ball joints are the indispensable components which connect the arm with the hub on the driven wheel. It’s main purpose is to hold the wheel in a horizontal position during rotation. During automobile inspection it is important to remember that ball joints account for the bulk of the car.

The main parts of the ball joints are: corpus, pin, plastic liner, caliper, protective case. Ball pin is the main part of the ball joint. Especially its durability defines whole part resource and depends on the material and manufacturing technology. It is necessary that the ball pins and the frame in the contact area with the bearing were subjected to quenching, and the surface layer to the hardening.

How can you guess that ball joints are fell out? You should prick up your ears if there is a weak tapping of suspension on the small bumps on the roadway around front wheels. Often the cause of such a knock is the increased gap between the tip and the inside part of the corpus of the ball joint. The failure of the ball joint is a serious problem, especially if it happens while driving. It is forbidden to drive a car with such a fault, because at a certain moment, the arm may disconnect from the hub and the wheel will come off. Driving on bad roads also leads to rapid wear of the parts, because they have systematic shocks while driving irregularities.

Ball joint is not a longevous detail, and therefore, sooner or later it needs to be changed or repaired. We offer our parts that are known for their quality along with innovative production technologies.

DEQST ball joints have a large margin of safety thanks to the production of ball pins made from alloyed structural quenched steel. Ball joints tightness is ensured by using protective covers that are fixed on the frame and on the ball joint pin by two annular springs. In the production all DEQST ball joints pass 100% quality inspection, and are checked the pivot angle and ball joint strength. All this allows you to be confident in your safety while driving.

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