Фильтры DEQST

DEQST filters for passenger & commercial cars.

Car filters are needed to remove contaminants from process fluids and air. For a longer engine life and its trouble-free operation a good filtration quality is needed. Such quality can be provided by the DEQST filters.

Historically, the company has paid particular attention to filters for trucks, as the annual mileage of trucks and commercial vehicles is several times higher than the mileage of cars. Subsequently, filters were added to the range for passenger cars to meet the growing demand for quality filter elements in this industry. The company DEQSST now specializes in the production of oil, air, fuel filters.


Fuel filters are important elements of the power system, which produce additional fuel purification from the existing impurities. There are two types of the filters: coarse fuel filters are designed to capture big impurities, and fine filters allow to clean fuel from impurities up to 0.001 mm in size. The uninterrupted operation is essential for fuel filters, if there is a possibility of refueling the car with fuel with a high content of contaminants. Fuel filters DEQST ensure high filtration efficiency, possessing minimal hydraulic resistance.


Such filters are the most frequently replaced part in the car lubrication system. Their main objective is the protection and purification the oil circuit from impurities and decay products. Besides lubrication, motor oil cools and purifies the engine surface from debris and incomplete combustion of fuel. Lifespan of the oil and technical condition of the power machine are directly depend on the filter’s operation. DEQST oil filters have an enlarged purification surface, which provides better oil cleansing.


The air filter is designed to purify the air entering the engine. The more powerful the engine is, the greater air consumption is observed. The longevity of the cylinder-piston engine group and the mass air flow sensor depend on the purification quality. The lack of effectiveness will cause the abrasion of the surface layer of the mirror of the cylinder, so it is so important to have filters of reliable manufacturers. The DEQST air filter design ensures high durability, easy replacement and high filtration efficiency.

All DEQST filters are characterized by an extended service life and 100% quality control in manufacturing.