Амортизаторы DEQST

DEQST Shock Absorbers. New brand DEQST conquers a spare parts market. DEQST products are of high quality, and during manufacturing only innovative production technique is used. The DEQST product range offers a variety of products, including the shock absorbers.

The shock absorber is one of the main elements of the car’s running part. The absorber received it’s name from the French word ‘amortir’, which means ‘to weaken’. The General meaning of the system is the car’s damping while driving. It is responsible for the smooth running of the entire suspension, as well as contributes to active safety while driving.

What happens in case of faulty shock absorbers? You will definitely perceive that they broke down. In the absence of reliable contact of wheel and road, the vehicle speed will reduce, braking distance and the tendency to aquaplaning will increase. As a result of faulty shock absorbers, the driver feels fatigue, and, as a consequence, his reaction becomes longer. Also deteriorates a driving stability and car’s manageability at higher speeds, which will lead to intense and uneven tyre wear.  In addition, the useful power is lost due to the inferior grip, so the vehicle performance is reduced and fuel consumption increases.  Generally, you will face a full bunch of troubles which can be eliminated by replacing the shock absorbers. It is glad to recognize that the brand DEQST has a wide range of products to offer in such a situation.

DEQST shock absorbers are of high quality and are made according to the innovative production techniques. Presently, there are several basic types of shock absorbers: oil, gas, hybrid (gas-oil), pneumatic and automatic. All of them have a similar system: the upper and lower lugs, oil seal, piston, etc. Our company is specialized in oil shock absorbers, which provide excellent driving dynamics, perfect grip and manageability on the turns even in the most difficult situations.

The company’s engineers were managed to achieve an optimal stiffness for control and softness for comfort.

DEQST shock absorbers are known for high stability of characteristics in a wide temperature range. In addition, the seal’s material provides long service life even in conditions of frequent temperature variations around zero degrees on Celsius.

In the production DEQST shock absorbers pass 100% quality inspection, which checks:

-the tightness of the shock absorber elements;

– how they work in the phases of compression and oil return (pressure stress and rebound).

In our catalog you can find the ideal shock absorber for your car, which allows you to enjoy the life without any inconvenience.