The company supplies the market of large range of commodity items: more than 6 thousand positions. The main products manufactured under the brand DEQST are shock absorbers, suspension parts, filters, brake pads, brake system parts, etc. The company produces spare parts for popular brands in Russia: Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, KIA, Ford, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, HONDA, VW, VOLVO, DAEWOO. DEQST spare parts are produces both for cars, trucks and commercial cars: MERCEDES, DAF, MAN, IVECO, VW, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, ISUZU, SCANIA, etc. All DEQST spare parts have passed a strict quality control, each detail is tested at all stages of the production process. Exists necessary certification.

On the Russian market DEQST is introduced by following categories:

  1. water pumps;
  2. Shock absorbers;
  3. ball joints;
  4. stabilizers;
  5. brake discs;
  6. brake pads;
  7. thermostats ;
  8. starters;
  9. wheel hubs;
  10. oil, air, fuel filters



During the DEQST brand products manufacturing all the latest achievements in the field of spare parts production for cars are used. The plants are equipped with new automatic equipment, which eliminates possibility of defective production. It is managed to reach an optimum price quality ratio due to plants location in Turkey and China.


Initially DEQST was focused on Aftermarket with the same spare parts quality as OEM products or even surpassing it. The company carries out constant raw materials quality control, as well as random parts inspection at various stages of spare parts production.