About us

DEQST ® is a German high-quality brand of spare parts and components for cars and trucks.

The brand name DEQST ® is not just a combination of letters, it is an abbreviation of the English Durably Excellent Quality Standards.

DEQST ® decoding is a reflection of the mission of our company to create only high-quality spare parts for safe driving and for use during our guaranteed period.

The DEQST ® brand is recently presented on the Russian and CIS markets, but it is rapidly gaining recognition from consumers.

The product quality and the safety of car owners and passengers are our priority, therefore we pay special attention to quality control at the company’s factories.

Our factories are certified according to ISO9001, which indicates the compliance of the company’s quality management system with the international standard.

The plants also comply with the industry standard ISO / TS16949, which helps to prevent defects and rejects.

We are a socially oriented company and we care about the state of the environment, as well as the health of active and passive consumers of our products. In this regard, the plants are safe for the environment and people, which is confirmed by the certificates ISO14001 and NSF.

All production sites have a depth of manufacturing experience and are equipped with the latest machinery.

We carry out research and development work in order to provide the market with quality parts with improved characteristics at affordable prices.

Today, DEQST ® is more than 20 product groups with the most demanded components for more than 20 million vehicles on the Russian and CIS markets.

The brand’s portfolio includes components for maintenance of vehicles, brake system, automotive suspension, filtration system, steering system and engine.

By 2019, the company plans to expand the range of auto parts and components to cover its 90% production of the fleet of cars in Russia and CIS.

In Russia and CIS countries, the official exclusive representative of the DEQST ® brand is the company See Parts Technology (” See Parts Technology” LLC).

The company is fully responsible for guarantee obligations to consumers, promotes products on the market, as well as works on all incoming requests.

Products sales are carried out through official dealers of the company.