DEQST filters have been tested and certified

DEQST FILTERSThe DEQST brand pays special attention to its ecology. Therefore, its own development of automobile filters is so successful. The company is pleased to announce that the certification of its products has been completed: fuel, oil and air filters. The data of factory tests are confirmed during the certification of products according to the EAC standard, similar results are shown. EAC is a sign of circulation indicating that the products marked by them have passed all the procedures for valuation established in the technical regulations of the Customs Union (which includes the Russian Federation).

Fuel filters are important elements of the power system, which produce additional fuel cleaning from the impurities. They are divided into two types: coarse fuel filters are designed to trap large impurities, and fine filters allow to clean fuel from impurities up to 0,001 mm in size. The uninterrupted operation of fuel filters is important especially if there is a possibility of refueling the car with fuel with a high content of contaminants. The DEQST fuel filters provide high filtration efficiency with minimal hydraulic resistance. The European and Korean quality of paper production for the DEQST filters of oil and air filters allow to increase the efficiency of the engine.

Air filters are designed to clean the air which enters the engine. The more powerful the engine, the greater intake of the air. The long-life of the cylinder-piston engine group and the mass air flow sensor depends on the quality of cleaning. If there is insufficient efficiency, the surface layer of the mirror of the cylinder will wear out, so it is too important to have filters of reliable manufacturers. The DEQST air filter design provides high strength, easy replacement and high filtration efficiency.

Oil filters are the most frequently replaced part in the car lubrication system. Their main task is to protect and clean the oil circuit from impurities and decay products. Motor oil, in addition to lubrication, also cools and cleans the engine surfaces from products of wear and incomplete combustion of fuel. The service life of the oil as well as the technical condition of the power unit are directly depends on the operation of the filters. The DEQST oil filters have an enlarged cleaning surface, which provides better oil purification.

Cabin filters serve to protect the airways of passengers from entering the interior of dust, dirt and insects. Thanks to high-quality paper and a large area of filtration, the air in the cabin remains clean and safe for health. In addition, the company can offer for demanding customers three-layer salon carbon filters DEQST CARBON +, they absorb and neutralize unpleasant smells and harmful substances.

Although according to the Russian legislation the certification is not required for the cabin filters, The DEQST cabin filters are regularly tested in production for compliance with European quality standards. Three-layer carbon filter “Carbon Plus”, made by its own design, not only delays harmful particles and emissions, but also removes harmful odors, makes the air fresh in the cabin.

There are more than fifteen brands which compete with the DEQST brand in the market of filters, although the filter manufacturers are much more. Own development of our brand will allow us to gain a foothold in this market and compete confidently.