DEQST at Automechanika Shangai 2017

DEQDST На автомеханика Шанхай 2017The Chinese international exhibition of spare parts, technologies and equipment for car service “Automechanika Shanghai 2017” has just finished. Our company also participated in such important event for automotive industry. Marketing and Product Director of DEQST, Dmitry Shved, tells how the brand has established itself in China and how the exhibition was held:

– Why “Automechanika Shanghai 2017” is so attractive for us?

– This is a unique exhibition of the automobile industry, on which you can find everything that sets in motion the car. Having visited “Automechanika Shanghai 2017”, we were convinced that this is an effective platform for business promotion in the rapidly developing Chinese market. As our business is concerned with the manufacture, supply and distribution of spare parts and accessories for the automotive industry, China is an interesting platform us for its opportunities for cooperation.

– What goals were set by the company DEQST during this trip?

– The purpose of the exhibition is to promote high-level automotive components and scientific and technical developments to the markets of South-East Asia. DEQST products have all these characteristics. At the exhibition we had our own pavilion, attended by the representatives of the company from our office in China, as well as representatives of the Russian office. As the exhibition area was over 300 thousand square meters, and the number of participants was close to 6.000 people, our main goal was to introduce our brand to Chinese market.

Dmitry, did you manage to do everything you planned?

– Sure, successfully. Negotiations were held with more than 20 companies, our specialists were able to visit all 8 huge pavilions of the Exhibition Center of Shanghai and find partners for further business development as well as get acquainted with the products of competitors. In regard to us, we have focused on brake pads for cars, filters of all types, brake discs, shock absorbers, suspension parts, steering and clutch elements. We were very pleased with trip’s results and achieved all the goals. Moreover, we even managed to make a Shanghai sightseeing tour and were impressed by the size and beauty of Shanghai.